• 8 Really Bad Habits You Should Avoid in Public Places

    Nose picking is a disgusting habit to do just as it is to watch. Every time you stick a finger in the nose,you are exposing...

    dont overdrink
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    Certain BAD HABITS should be avoided in PUBLIC if they lead to the following or other excesses: Bad for health Make people turn their eyes Are embarrassing or lead to embarrassing actions and decisions Bad example to kids For some, even many, it may take a while to understand why certain habits are gross, especially...
  • How to Gate Crash a Party Like A Pro!

    Before setting out to gate crash a party, straighten up your CONFIDENCE to the extent it never crosses your mind you could get smoked out!

    peeping tom
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    It happens to all of us occasionally. You very much want to be part of that A list party but somehow are not eligible because you are not on the guest list. Do you give up and miss the fun? Not really. Below are NIFTY LITTLE TRICKS to help you gate crash any party like...
  • 10 Ugly Phone Secrets About You | No 5 Is Spot On

    One of the ugly phone secrets explains why we feel ugly. We capture limitless selfies and hope for that one shot that will wow the...

    smartphone knows
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    We all cherish our mobile devices and entrust them with so much private info and sometimes ugly phone secrets … secrets that are not known to those close to us! Come to think of it, do these precious little devices know more than they should? What if they end up in the wrong hands, or...
  • 8 Signs You are Micro Cheating and Probably Don’t Know it!

    While casual flirting online may be harmless (just saying) often times we take it too far to the extent of micro cheating.

    a cheat
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    The popularity of social media and messaging apps has contributed to a series of positives and negatives in the way we interact today. For starters, it is a great place to meet new people and start relationships, some which end in matrimonial bliss. That is fine. On the other hand, it is a crazy platform...
  • In Defense of Phone Use in the Toilet!

    It is reassuring to note you are not alone practicing phone use in the toilet!. According to Bank My Cell infographics, over 90% of teens...

    toilet frog using cell phone
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    Now, don’t get excited and say I did not warn you. Phone use in the toilet is a BAD, BAD idea! Especially when done in public toilets. Besides, POOP time must not be mixed up in a multitasking scheme. There is a need to concentrate and get the job done! Now that we have a disclaimer...
  • Why It Is Cool to Judge A Book By Its Cover

    We literally spend lots of money and time to create things that look good. And that is where our judgment issues start.

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    The saying goes, never judge a book by its cover because you will get the judgment wrong most of the time. Despite this, we do it all the time. It is a fun thing since it is EASY and gives us the opportunity to say a few NASTY things about people and everything around. Our judgment...
  • Why You Should Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!

    Come to think of it, being a jack of one trade can be a pretty nice thing. It creates room for undivided attention while yielding...

    all eggs in one basket
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    It has been argued for Centuries that putting all your eggs in one basket is a BAD, BAD idea. When the basket falls, LITERALLY, all the eggs break – and you lose everything! In real life, the problem with putting all eggs in one basket is reflected in our decisions to invest in one project...
  • How To Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

    The bittersweet relationship between LIFE and WORK demands that we opt for the latter above everything else. We then spend over 60 percent of our...

    be happy and have your life back
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    Yea, I bet you are scratching your head while thinking this out. You cannot have your cake and eat it too, you say. In other words, you cannot eat your cake and keep it for another day. But wait a moment, what if I decide to bake a giant cake and slice it into a...
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