• The Long Winding Road Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    The fourth industrial revolution is an evolution of sort of the digital revolution. Its implementation is taking shape in the 21st century.

    steam engine locomotive
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    The fourth industrial revolution is arguably the ultimate in technological advancement like never seen before. It embodies plenty of possibilities and changes in how we connect and communicate. The ultimate aim is to bring together the human, physical, and digital components into ONE experience. It is, and will disrupt and enhance our lives socially, politically,...
  • The Difference Between Data and Information – For Dummies!

    Before processing takes place, data is usually uncoordinated and random facts, figures, symbols which tend to be out of context.

    analogue tape
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    Most, if not all of us, have gotten to use the words DATA and INFORMATION interchangeably to mean the same thing. This is NOT wrong for as long as we manage to put our points across. But the two actually refer to two different computer soft states before and after DATA processing. The difference between...
  • 6 Valuable Hacks Into Using Free WiFi Hotspots Securely

    Overall, free WiFi hotspots are meant to be HARMLESS because they are offered to facilitate information for learning institutions, and client satisfaction- in the case...

    free wifi hostpot inside
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    Overall, free WiFi hotspots are meant to be HARMLESS because they are offered to facilitate information for learning institutions, and client satisfaction- in the case of service and entertainment industry.  Sadly though security is not always assured or worse, is hard to implement. You are responsible for your smartphone and/or computer security the minute you...
  • The Really Ugly Sides of Google Glass!

    Google Glass makes it possible for users to look where they are not supposed to. A user will simply 'wink' to take pictures of an...

    Admiral Haris google glass
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    Yes, Google Glass may not be popular today the way it was a few years, but is very much around us. We are only unaware the guy looking at us is a glass-hole. Google Glass is a head-mounted display which borrows the shape of your everyday eyeglass. Unlike the latter though, it is laced with...
  • 5 Friend Zone Signs That Are Simply Hard to Ignore

    When you exhibit friend zone signs, you do so to have for yourself a person to turn to in the event of heartbreak or boredom.

    Friend zoned
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    You and I have most likely gone through one or several friend zone signs before. We use the sixth sense to read into all the signs and sometimes want to believe we are wrong. We are not. We are usually RIGHT the moment the friend zone thoughts begin to linger. Here is the situation. You love this person...
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