• The 5G Dangers Making The News! Will it Fry Your Brain?

    Millimeter waves in 5G do not travel far enough. The tech demands that mini cell stations are installed close to each other, right within communities...

    cell phone towers
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    5G is a popular buzzword in the world of wireless technology for two main reasons. The first is closely associated with its unrivaled SPEED and INTELLIGENCE, and the second is about the real 5G dangers which come as a result of its HASTY implementation! What is 5G Anyway? 5G is the present and future generation...
  • Imagine What Could Happen If Our Smart World Went BANG!

    The smart world as we know it is beautifully woven around the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Everything is and actually sounds appealing and easy....

    solar flare
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    The smart world as we know it is beautifully woven around the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Everything is and actually sounds appealing and easy. We are so dependent on the digital DATA that 1s and 0s have become the Alfa and Omega of our very existence. You miss a single STEP in the world...
  • Who Actually Composed the Famous Malaika Swahili Song?

    Though its royalties and copyright are attributed to Fadhili William (RIP), different artists and persons claim they composed Malaika song.

    african queen
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    Malaika Swahili song is perhaps the most renowned love ballad to have come out of East Africa, if not the whole continent. Over seventy African and international artists have redone it. They include Miriam Makeba, Angélique Kidjo, Safari Sound Band, Nana Mouskouri, Harry Belafonte, and Boney M. Malaika (Angel) highlights the theme of love viz-a-viz...
  • The Really Ugly Sides of Google Glass!

    Google Glass makes it possible for users to look where they are not supposed to. A user will simply 'wink' to take pictures of an...

    Admiral Haris google glass
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    Yes, Google Glass may not be popular today the way it was a few years, but is very much around us. We are only unaware the guy looking at us is a glass-hole. Google Glass is a head-mounted display which borrows the shape of your everyday eyeglass. Unlike the latter though, it is laced with...
  • Why You Should Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!

    Come to think of it, being a jack of one trade can be a pretty nice thing. It creates room for undivided attention while yielding...

    all eggs in one basket
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    It has been argued for Centuries that putting all your eggs in one basket is a BAD, BAD idea. When the basket falls, LITERALLY, all the eggs break – and you lose everything! In real life, the problem with putting all eggs in one basket is reflected in our decisions to invest in one project...
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