• smartphone knows
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    10 Ugly Phone Secrets About You | No 5 Is Spot On

    One of the ugly phone secrets includes the ugly videos and images you downloaded from a naughty social media app, and are unwilling to delete

    We all cherish our mobile devices and entrust them with so much private info and sometimes ugly phone secrets … secrets that are not known to those close to us! Come to think of it, do these precious little devices know more than they should? What if they end up in the wrong hands, or...
  • a cheat
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    8 Signs You are Micro Cheating and Probably Don’t Know!

    While online casual flirting may seem harmless, (just saying) often times we take the habit too far to the extent of micro-cheating.

    Does it ever cross your mind you are probably micro-cheating when you engage in casual flirting across online social platforms and apps? Maybe it is time ito find out! The popularity of social media and messaging apps have contributed to a series of positives and negatives in our interactions in the 21st Century. For some,...
  • toilet frog using cell phone
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    Why Using a Smart Phone in the Toilet, While Doing Poop is a Bad Idea!

    Next time you walk out of the toilet with your smartphone, think twice before handing it over to someone else. It is probably contaminated with...

    You probably use your cell phone in the toilet once in a while, for your own reasons. The majority of us use them to make phone calls, send text, or to swipe through our timelines. The need to do this is so powerful we are unwilling to imagine the unhealthy side effects this entails. According...
  • be happy and have your life back
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    How To Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

    You can actually have your cake and eat it too, literally, if you slice the big cake into multiple pieces, and eat a piece a...

    Yea, I bet you are scratching your head while thinking this out. You cannot have your cake and eat it too, you say. In other words, you cannot eat your cake and keep it for another day. But wait a moment, what if I decide to bake a giant cake and slice it into a...