8 Signs You are Micro Cheating and Probably Don’t Know it!

While casual flirting online may be harmless (just saying) often times we take it too far to the extent of micro cheating.3 min

a cheat
Are you micro cheating?

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The popularity of social media and messaging apps has contributed to a series of positives and negatives in the way we interact today.

For starters, it is a great place to meet new people and start relationships, some which end in matrimonial bliss. That is fine. On the other hand, it is a crazy platform for those that are committed elsewhere but are hopelessly addicted and flipped.

This is about socially inappropriate exchanges which if revealed to a spouse or the public, would be embarrassing. It involves flirting by texting inappropriate messages.

This interaction is called micro cheating. If not tamed it may lead to emotional attachment, which will ultimately interfere with existing relationships.

Below are tell-tale signs you are micro cheating.

1.  Excited Texting/Messaging

excited messaging
Be concerned when excitement gets the better of you

Messages with friends and professionals should remain friendly and professional, but they become sleazy when they are minimally suggestive.  Many people find it easy to express themselves via text than speech and thus are swayed to write stuff they would not speak out!

The sleazy expressions soon turn dirty and build up to unacceptable tones.

2. Messaging Instead of Posting

When you choose to use private messaging apps instead of public platforms, for fear of backlash from others, you are probably hiding unfaithful motives. The fact that your other does not favor communication between you and the other person should be reason enough for you to pull the plug.

But hey, you cannot resist the urge to heap praises on that sexy photo to make your appreciation known. Of course, you cannot do this on a public timeline.

3. Suggestive Emojis

winky emoji
Emojis speak a thousand words

A picture speaks a thousand words, and so do Emojis. What makes Emojis interesting is the fact they can literally represent every form of emotion. While it is standard to use the ordinary ‘Like emoji, it will raise other peoples’ eyebrows if Winky or Love emojis are used.

4. The Flirting Bait

When causal flirting becomes a little complex and takes a wrong turn, one of the two parties ends up the victim. Often times users engage in meaningless exchanges with sexual overtones. While the person on the other end will cheer on and seem inviting, they are often aloof.

You, on the other hand, may fall for the overtones. You can easily harass the other person sexually.

5. Outing Thoughts!

Messages and chats can easily get out of hand if not thought out seriously. When you decide to get off your sits and hit the road with your chat mate, you are probably getting out of line. Well-meaning conversations should remain on social media.

6.  The Ex Factor

Now that you can communicate online with your ex, a lot of challenges stand in your way. Because you are not standing face to face to see each other’s discomfort, and probably disdain, you easily type away useless messages that you will regret one day.

While this happens, your partner assumes exes are meant for history.

7. Cyber Stalking

If you have the time to dig through his/her old posts and pictures, and eventually liking them, you are probably not being faithful and are thus micro cheating. You must surely be thinking and feeling a lot about the other person to go digging into their past.

Depending on what the other person thinks and feels about you, cyber stalking can easily get out of hand. It will land you in trouble.

8.   ???

stop it
Maybe it is time to stop

While casual flirting may be harmless (just saying) often times we take it too far to the extent of initiating micro cheating.  It is especially true if the other party is not reciprocating and is uncomfortable.

Some even go ahead and tell you to stop. Then you will know you have crossed the line.

Are you a victim or perpetrator of micro cheating?

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